To OUTSOURCE your QUICK BOOKS accounting requirements, contact Vish, Telephone:

+1 (202) 470-0538 or email us from the 'Contact Us' Page. VTA will establish a team in India, dedicated to handling your unique Accounting Requirements, no matter how sophisticated or normal your requirements. Free yourself from Accounting burdens. Here is why our services have no peers:

VTA’s QuickBooks Consulting represents a marriage of two exceptionally well-qualified partners:


QuickBooks, the World’s best Small Business Accounting Package

VTA’s very strong Finance and Accounting Expertise.

QuickBooks is the top-selling small business financial software year after year and 9 out of 10 QuickBooks users say they would recommend it to other small businesses.

Viswanath Tumu is a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a Company Secretary from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and has worked with several international financial institutions.

Regardless of your industry, VTA will work closely with you to develop and administer a QuickBooks support system that is tailored to address your unique business requirements:


Medical Practices

Real-Estate Firms

Advertising Firms

Engineering Firms

Sports Companies

Manufacturing Units


Stockists and Distribution Firms

Store Fronts

Accounting Firms

Law Firms

Construction Companies

Educational Institutes

VTA’s QuickBooks Practice is targeted at the following audience:
  • Businesses interested in migrating their Accounting System to the powerful QuickBooks Platform
  • Businesses seeking assistance in setting up an accounting system for the first time
  • Accounting firms interested in outsourcing accounting work to a professional Accounting BPO entity with supportive back office in India
  • Enterprise users interested in the Enterprise Edition of QuickBooks

For the above target audiences, VTA will work closely to:

  • Create a transitioning strategy that includes preparing Opening Balance Statements for a middle or end of the year transition or a transition from manual accounting, spreadsheet based accounting or accounting with another package, to setup journal entries to balance opening entries, i.e., ensure all debits and credits are equal;
  • Enter supporting transactions into QuickBooks that support Opening Balances;
  • Accurately capture accounting transactions on an ongoing basis, using a fully-equipped back office in India staffed by qualified accounting professionals;
  • Follow-up on delinquencies.

VTA will assist in making the most of this incredibly powerful accounting platform which is possibly the best accounting software ever created. While QuickBooks supplies the software to capture and report your activities, VTA's accounting background provides the framework to leverage the accounting package, whether it is selecting the right QuickBooks edition for your business, transiting your existing system, technical advise on transaction handling, generating reports and financial statements, year-end closings, or systems and procedures for efficient use of QuickBooks.


Built for Contractors, includes job costing tools, customizable contractor specific reports, tracking of change orders, invoices, purchase orders and more. .
Designed for manufacturing related businesses, includes inventory tracking, custom pricing and reporting, quote creation, sales orders, work orders, purchase orders and invoices.
Professional Services
Perfect for Consultants, Engineers, Architects, Attorneys, Designers, Ad Agencies, and more. Includes proposal and invoice templates, flexible time tracking and reports.
Customized for Nonprofit organizations includes reports to track donors and grants, customizable letters and forms for donations, pledges, and thank you notes.
Developing an installation package for the model when the same needs to be distributed to a wide audience.
Designed for wholesalers. Includes better inventory tracking, custom pricing and reporting, creation of quotes, sales orders, work orders, purchase orders and invoices without re-entering data.
Professional Accounting
Products and services designed to help accountants deliver great client service more efficiently.

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