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CapInvest provides powerful analytical tools to Banks, Leasing and Hire Purchase Companies, Consumer and Housing Finance Companies for developing market-driven, user-friendly, financial and savings products as well as 'plain vanilla' and 'profiled' consumer finance transactions, such as vehicle financing, leasing, mortgage financing, consumer loans and so on, while providing complete fidelity to 'Return on Investment' Objectives of a financial institution and other transaction parameters.

Combining an elegant and easy to use interface with a powerful numerical engine, CapInvest empowers financial institutions with tools to effortlessly develop user-friendly, market-driven financial and savings products to move forward aggressively in a crowded financial market place. CapInvest targets both ends of the financial intermediation spectrum: on the lending side of operations, it enables financial institutions to develop a wide variety of financial (lending) products that target end-user requirements; on the borrowing side, CapInvest enables deposit-accepting institutions such as banks, insurance and finance companies, to offer savings and deposit products that target depositor needs for personal financial planning, to make banking truly personalized.

Creating such products requires a core set of analytical abilities that are enshrined in CapInvest. A user is freed from having to learn the complex math that underlies the development of such products and instead, concentrate on understanding customer requirements with a view to developing products that address expectations.

CapInvest's superb user interface and excellent menuing system replace the Excel® interface. CapInvest ships with 7 modules and several special purpose portals that extend the functionality of the product into new areas, including, the 'Product Developer' portal that provide tools to develop new products.

CapInvest incorporates three important components :

Microsoft® Objects that provide functionality to the product
Sophisticated Financial Concepts (DCF)
VTA's Proprietary Financial Modeling Techniques
CapInvest ships with more than 20 documents that discuss virtually every aspect of usage and operations. Each module also has a built-in online help system with screen shots and comments on every item on screen.

CapInvest is simple to roll-out, install and administer in Retail and Enterprise setting as there is no integration with a backend. CapInvest outputs transactions in one of several formats, any of which can be used for capture by the database solution in use in an enterprise. CapInvest is 30 MB in size and requires Excel® 2000 or higher.


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CapInvest is available on a ‘Per PC Per Month’ licensing basis, subject

to a MINIMUM Number of PCs per installation. Licensing Fee is:


USD 100 Per PC Per Month

Institutions will also need to factor in the cost of training to arrive at the Total Cost of Ownership of CapInvest. Training programs can be conducted at a location and time chosen by the licensee.
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CapInvest ships with more than 20 pdf documents that cover virtually every aspect of usage, operations, modules and portals. CapInvest requires a user be familiar with financial concepts. Email assistance is available for queries pertaining to installation, deployment and launching of the product only. A user may requisition additional support via customized training programs for using the product in a business-setting – a training program would be of 2 or 3 day duration and is priced separately on a case by case basis. Use the following link to download the User Manual, Product Developer, and other documents.

Click here

CapInvest is available on a trial basis – when first launched, CapInvest auto-activates itself on a fully functional basis for a period of 22 days from the date of first launch. Do not reinstall CapInvest as this will only disable the software and the product will not launch, even during the trial period. Should this happen, contact VTA for a ‘PC Reset’ file to restore CapInvest to its original trial expiry date.

A license is required to use CapInvest beyond the trial period.

Capinvest - Download

Unzip the downloaded folder. Open the

‘CI Installer’ folder; Double-click setup.exe; accept default installation recommendations suggested by the Installer Program. Wait for installation to be completed. Go to Start/Programs/Vish Tumu Associates/CapInvest to launch software. Use Password 1000 as login.

The downloaded folder contains two pdf documents with instructions for Installation and launching CapInvest.

Microsoft® Excel® 2000
Microsoft® Excel® XP
Microsoft® Excel® 2003

Each of the seven modules in CapInvest has a ‘Help’ button - click this button for a screen shot of the module and helpful comments on items on screen.


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